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13 November, 2011

Vegan Festival

Today I decided to do something a little different. I have a friend who is a Vegan and there was a festival today in Adelaide for vegans. My knowledge and interest in the vegan lifestyle has increase through knowing him. Rather than spend another sunday at home doing jobs, I met some friends at the festival. It was a great day. The sun was shining, there was good food and great bands. We Looked around at all the stalls and I learned quite a bit about Vegan food, lifestyle and animal rights. We then spent a few hours sitting under a tree listening to some great bands. It was a great day and not something I often do. It was a chance to sit and relax just for the pure entertainment of it. I am glad I made the time to go.
Driving into the city was not so easy though. It was made very clear to me that not all my alters were keen on the idea of going to a place where there would be lots of people. It is not something I usually do. I am not one for crowds and try to avoid them as much as possible, but I felt fairly sure there wouldn't be that many people there and we could cope. As it turned out I was right and it was a nice size group of people, and lots of open space if we needed it, but it took me most of the drive in there to comfort and convince one or more of my little alters that it would all be OK. The joys of  being a multiple.

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