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01 November, 2011

Put it down!!!

Hi there,
I have been learning a big lesson over this last week or so.
Like most people I guess, when I am diagnosed with a condition I like to spend as much time as I can learning as much about it as possible. This goes for my DID too. I have spent the last few months scouring the internet and reading books to find out as much as I can. It as all been very informative and combined with talking to other DIDers, my knowledge has grown immensely. I feel much more comfortable and aware if what is happening to me than I did several months ago.
But in my desire for knowledge and my need to go from one book to another I forgot one very important point. Early in my journey after diagnosis I had a wonderful chat to two alters on an internet forum. They were quite happy to answer any questions I had to ask. After picking their brains about life on the inside, one of them gave me some great advise. He said that it is great to ask all these questions of others but everyone's system is different and not to presume mine is the same as anyone else's. What was most important was to get to know my own system.
Of course that sent me on a mission to get to know my system. You may have realized where I am going with all this. DESPERATELY studying and listening and looking for answers but not doing the one thing I really needed to get where I want to be.
My final wake  up call came from a friend of mine the other day. She said that life can become one big illness and we can forget to get on with enjoying life. Sure spend time learning but just as importantly PUT DOWN the time of searching and studying, and rest. Make sometime for fun, have a break between books on the subject. Life is not just about the disorder, life is about many other things too and it is important to make time for "NORMAL" life activities.
So if you are like me and often charge headlong into sorting yourself out, take some time. Put down the disorder or disease for a while and remember who you are as a whole person.
Since taking this advice I have noticed I am hearing my alters much better and there is much more peace in my head. Who would have thought, by not doing it I was doing it. lol
Tomorrow I want to share with you a revelation from Bridges group.
Take care and put it down!!!

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