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10 November, 2011

DID Source Book.

I have been a bit quiet the last few days and really haven't felt like I have had much to post. I got up this morning and started some reading and now feel quite inspired. More about that later.
Yesterday was my session with my Therapist. It was our first 2hour session and it went really well. I was glad for the extra time as we covered much more content and managed to get right into a topic. By the time I left her office I felt like we had really go to the core on a couple of issues. Always a nice feeling.
I have found in the past that if I leave her office and head home I don't get a chance to really digest and process what we talked about. As soon as I walk in the front door at home my brain switches into mum mode and I start to think about what has to be done around the house. A friend suggested a walk on the beach after a session to have time to process. So yesterday I headed to the beach. It is only about 1mins drive from her office so it is very convenient.
Once I started walking and thinking and talking to myself and alters, I realized how relaxing and helpful it is. It was such a beautiful day, 26C, clear blue sky, and a light southern breeze. Heaven! I was kicking my self a bit. I love the beach but never make time to go there. I made up for it a bit yesterday. I spent about 2 hours wandering around, having a wonderful time. Of course not being prepared, I didn't put on sun block, so I now have a very nasty sun burn. Lesson learned, next time keep hat and sun block in the car. I highly recommend taking time out of your schedule after therapy sessions for you to process the work you have just done. By the time I got home yesterday afternoon, I felt happy and relaxed. A big improvement on previous therapy days. We are worth the effort and that house work or jobs can wait another hour or two.

Now for my reading.....I have started reading The Dissociative Identity Disorder Source book By Deborah Bray Haddock. I am only up to page 13, but I am amazed how good it is. The book was recommended to me by a couple of people so I borrowed it from my survivors group library. This book is too awesome to borrow, I am going to have to buy one so that I can underline all the great stuff in it. If you have just been diagnosed or are just wanting to get some great information on DID, it is a must have.
I will quote the first passage that got my attention this morning:
"Most of the characteristics associated with DID can be hidden from others fairly successfully. Granted a DID friend or client might appear to be depressed , but how many other people have we all encountered who are depressed? Typically, someone with DID presents as moody or even a bit eccentric, but rarely grossly abnormal."
Rarely grossly abnormal....I love that part. I am looking forward to reading more of this book. I expect there will be much more up here on it over the coming weeks.

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