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31 August, 2013

Back and safe

Back from holidays. It was a good trip, lots and lots of walking and not much sleep. It was an interesting opportunity to work through some of the issues some of our alters have. One in particular is our fear of new places and people. Early on in the trip an alter was very fearful of it not being safe and that we would see the people who hurt us. We asked if anything bad had ever happened to us in this city (as we had not recollection of ever being there we thought we were pretty safe) and we decided that we would consider this more of an adventure than something to be afraid of. Now we are bigger we can defend ourselves much better than we did as a child and we are not going to this place with dangerous people.This eased her fears immensely and we found it much much easier to enjoy the trip, and being surrounded with crowds of strangers all the time.
We had to share a small hotel room with Diamonds, something we were a little nervous about. In the end it all worked out well. We made sure we asked permission, or went into the bathroom, before getting changed. Although we have seen each other naked, it is not acceptable to go barging in on each other without notice, in case a little was out or they just needed a private moment. We had discussed in quite a bit of detail, before we left, things that might trigger us and ways we may need alone time in a shared room. There was a lot of switching in both our systems so it made for a very interesting time and kept us on our toes making sure we were talking to the right person at the right time.
It was not without its trauma. As the plane was landing in the new city, someone inside brought up some flashbacks from trauma we didn't know had happened. It wasn't really the most convenient time and we did our best to deal with it as we could. Unfortunately we we landing in a new city and trying to navigate the airport. In the end we had to say we would get back to it soon so that we could focus on the outside world. This is always a tricky thing to do as this alter feels safe bringing up their memory now, and I don't like to put them off till later, but we felt there was not many options at this time. We still haven't managed to sort it out but hopefully we will get to it soon.
Now we are home and back into routine life goes on. We are hoping to spend more time walking to places now that we used to. We really enjoyed all the walking. We also enjoyed not having the same thing for breakfast every day. So we are hoping we can keep that up for a while too. See how we go.

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