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18 August, 2013

Stop child abuse.

People are fascinated with DID. It amazes many people to see the ability of the mind to separate into so many pieces. What most people forget is that it is cased by some thing. We use the word trauma and abuse. Not all DID is caused by abuse, some is caused by trauma. Most of what I have seen is by abuse though.
I just want to ask at this time that when you think of some one with DID and find yourself fascinated by their disorder, that you take a minute to consider what got them there. All those things you do not want to think or speak of to others. All those horrors of mankind. Please take time to acknowledge that they are real and that this person has seen many of them. Please take a minute to think of all the things we don't want to know about DID. Maybe with time if we can face the truth about the causes of DID we will be able to prevent it from being any child's reality. Stop Child abuse. A child's life is precious and you are killing them. We can all make a difference.

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