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06 August, 2013

Melanie's Story (trigger Warning)

Melanie is one of our Alters. She is 9 years old. She has recently come forward to share her story with us as a group. It has been very hard to hear and quite honestly not something we really want to repeat on here. Ultimately what she went through is one of the reasons we are DID. Melanie is determined not to hold the secret any more so we have done our best, with the help of Diamonds, to put together her story in video form. It doesn't say a lot of what happened, as that is too much to share, but it expresses what she feels needs to be said.
This video is dedicated to Michelle, (a friend of Melanie's) she was 12 years old when she died because of abuse.


  1. Melanie I am so sorry you went thru something so horrible. You are an amazing little girl and deserve to be happy and giggle and most of all SAFE. safe hugs if that's ok.