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16 June, 2012

Multiple relationships

I have spent a fair bit of time lately hanging out with Multiples over the last week. As I spend more and more time with others like me, I come to realize how much I am like them and not like singletons. I realize that no matter how much I try to explain to singletons how my head or life works, it never seems to come close to really conveying the message. The little idiosyncrasies that multiples have, the in jokes that we understand. How are head works in so much of an 'us' and 'we' state and not 'I'. It is like it is a different world and although we try so very hard to be 'normal' our world is so very different. The simplest things are run by multiple minds. How did this money get in my purse? What is in the parcel being delivered to my door and when did I order it?
There are so many desires we all have as alters. One of us loves to sew, some like art, one of us would love to be a mechanic and restore old cars. Another loves high finance and money deals. We have the gardener, the teacher, the student, poet, adventurer, psychologist. No wonder we could never really decide on one thing to do as a career. It is a balance every day to let the alters their own time and fun activities. It is also a balance dealing with Singletons who do not understand our changing moods and desires. How we can be full of beans one minute and dead tired the next, and no we cant just snap out of it. One person can be our best friend one minute and someone we cant stand the sight of the next. It is easier to associate with other multiples, and it is more than just our mutual understanding. There is a different dynamic when you don't have to explain everything to the other person, and that so many things go without saying.
I don't even know if I could explain to my closest family how my head works sometimes, without them being highly offended. Its not personal its just how it works when there are 20 odd people in your head. While I as one alter may have chosen to be friends with you, that is not to say all of us are. Some of us may quite honestly dislike you. Choosing a life partner and or getting married carries its own challenges. Not every one inside is attracted to this person. Some don't consider themselves married.     To truly be myself (ourselves) I feel we have to be either alone or with other multiples who can accept and know how to deal with the changes that happen.

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