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14 March, 2012

The three faces of Eve.

One thing I am learning, no matter what happens in the outside world, there are always my alters to come back too. Things have been a bit crazy with my son lately. He has taken up quite a bit of my time and concern. As I find myself relaxing a little from the stresses of raising another teenager, I find myself back inside talking to and dealing with those on the inside. In a way it is comforting to know they are always there. To know I  always have some one to talk too. I am never alone. But sometimes I do wonder what it would be like with a quiet mind.
I was watching YouTube last night and found a video of Chris Sizemore. Chris is the person known in the story of "Three faces of Eve". She is now in her 70's/80's and has been integrated for 30years. Her insights into the disorder are very interesting. She talks about her alters and how they came to be, and even how her therapist created more. She speaks frankly and wisely about the condition and I found it to be fascinating and informative. I was very interested in what she said about life after integration.
I have included the links below, it is in 3 parts, but well worth the look.

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