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These are my ramblings in an attempt try and understand my Dissociative Identity Disorder. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that together we can come to a better understanding of the human mind. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to add them to my blog, or to email me. I would love to hear from you.

27 July, 2013


What a week, sometimes I wonder how we get through just remembering what we lived through. It has been a really tough one. There are so many things that seem impossible to imagine ever happening, but they do. I look at the memories my alters are carrying and honestly wonder how they do it. No adult should have to even think about it let alone live it. Definitely not a child. I find myself questioning so many things in my life, even my religion. I wonder if we were ever safe. I hear about what others have been though too. Some of it is horrific too, some are still in such close contact with the ones who caused all this. I have never been so angry. Who are these people, how do they do this. I am tired of trauma, I am tired of every day involving trauma. Please tell me it will stop, it has to right?

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