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02 April, 2013

Im back!

HI Everyone, It has been quite a while since I have been on here, partly because of all the moving and changes, and partly because we haven't had any Internet. I have just connected it all and it seems to be running fine. YAY!
We are getting settled in the new house, things are still a bit messy and I don't have homes for all my stuff yet. It is starting to get annoying but there is not much I can do until my old house sells and I have the money to buy some more furniture. I have a mattress that is currently on the floor as I don't have a bed. My clothes are still in bags as I don't have draws to put them in, but the basics are done like the fridge, TVs and washing machine. I have both my boys with me again now and I am slowly adjusting to the 'fun' of having my two teenage boys in the house.
My eldest has been living with his dad for the last 2 years and is now living with me. He moved out the same time I got diagnosed with DID, so he has very little knowledge about it and so far is not coping well with the concept, let alone if I switch. We have already had to have a few serious chats about how he is handling the concept, as he is coming off very arrogant and rude. He is not at all accepting of it and I find it very hurtful to be living in such an environment. He has a lot to learn and I imagine he will have to learn quickly once things settle down and all my alters come out of lock down and I start switching again.
Money is very tight with all the shifting and will be until we get settled. I hate living like this. I find I need a bit if spare cash as mad money or it stresses me out too much. Hopefully not too much longer and we will be on top of it all.
That's about all for today, I just wanted to catch you all up on where I am at. I am hoping to get back to blogging regularly. See how we go.

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