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22 April, 2013

Life feels good

Its been over a month now since we separated from our ex hubby. I was planning for and expecting to have had a total melt down by now. I thought once I got settled in my new house, I would let the emotions go and the flood gates would open. But it hasn't happened. Its like it is already miles away. I don't know if this is because I did so much crying and mourning before I left. Or maybe because leaving has only confirmed so very strongly that I have done the right thing. Either way I don't miss that life any more. I am happy and enjoying my new life, and what has turned out to be a very busy time in my life. The end of my first marriage was so different to this. It did end under very different circumstances, but it took my years to come to grips with and get over. I think because I was the one who was leaving this time, it gave me time to process ahead of time. I could sort through how I felt before I left. Don't get me wrong, the end of a marriage is always a sad and difficult thing. But in the end if you are happier and safer out of it, then it is worth the leap.
My sons have settled in well with me, maybe a little too well. Mr 19, is getting a bit lazy and is more than happy to use my taxi services but not help me with odd bits around the house. I have always had to keep a firm hand with him and it seems that has never changed. Mr14 seems fine and life goes on.
I feel like my life truly has a new beginning, and with the wonderful support and friendship I have gained over the last 2 years, I feel supported and never really alone. I can't ask for much more than that. Life feels good.

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