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13 August, 2012

I am tired of feeling so numb. (possible trigger)

Some days it just hurts....and it doesn't seem to stop.
Some days I just wish someone would just leave their world for once, and come into mine and see how much I struggle to stay alive.

Your empty words don't heal me,
your cold arms don't give me relief .
I stand alone wondering my worth,
and you just walk on by.
You feed the doubt and hatred,
you tell me I am nothing.
You seem so proud of what you are doing,
of how you appease your guilt.
But deep inside you make no dent on my pain,
you only feed the doubt and hatred.

My insides feel like they are sliced to pieces,
so tender with pain.
It hurts to breathe,
it hurts to feel.
I do my best to make you happy,
but I am dying inside.
Can you see me,
do you care?
Will you enter my world,
.........for me!
Am I worth your time,
am I worth your love?
Am I worth the air I breathe,
or merely an inconvenience in your day.

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