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17 October, 2011


The other day at Bridges we were discussing a few very interesting topics one of which being Flashbacks. I thought it was important to explain exactly what we mean when we say 'some one had a flashback'. Modern movies often portray a flashback in some one's life as a bit like having a movie playing in your head. While very entertaining for TV purposes, that is not generally what happens. I often wish it was.
Flashbacks can be seeing a quick flash of a picture in your head of something that happened in your past. It can be a smell, or a feeling, maybe just a sense of touching someone else's skin. An emotion, a sense of warmth, not being alone, or being alone. They are often vague and can be hard to grasp their meaning. Often it is hard to know what they mean until they are put together with other flashbacks or memories.
Flashbacks can be filled with lots of emotions or no emotion at all. They can last not more than a second of for a few minutes and they do not always happen when you want them too or when it is convenient to have them.
When your mind is ready it will  release the secrets of your past....and not a second before.

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