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04 July, 2015

So Tired

So much has happened lately, its exhausting. Miss 16 has moved out after breaking up with Mr 16. The house seems emptier without her but also calmer. I miss the female company but I know it is easier for my son to get over the relationship this way.
Mr 16 is having mental health challenges himself and we are spending time at the hospital and constantly watching him to make sure he is ok.
Diamonds is fighting her own demons and we worry constantly about how she/they are going. We are exhausted, there seems no escape from this all and we are finding ourselves feeling hopeless. Like life will never change and we will spend the rest of it fighting to survive. We feel so alone. I am tired of this life and really struggling to keep going. We need to work hard to find something we can enjoy. Its not easy. I am so tired.

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