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17 January, 2012

The body remembers

I was recently introduced to a website from the UK that also deals with DID and trauma.  I have spent a bit of time browsing through it today. This one of the articles that really grabbed me.
The article speaks of how when the trauma gets too much we do out best to forget, to get away from it and lock the secrets away where we cant see them. The body however, doesn't forget, it remembers the touches, the fear and the trauma.

PODS seems to be a great site with heaps of information. Well worth a look if you have time. Also some information for partners of survivors.

My big operation is tomorrow. I am nervous but not too bad. I made my Will this week, and have done my best to get things in place to help me deal with the whole event. I don't expect to get much sleep tonight. I had to go to pre admission clinic yesterday and see a nurse, surgeon, anesthetist and have an ECG. I also had to have photos taken and blood. By the end of the day I felt quite unsettled and tired. Way to many people had touched me and many more had been around me. By dinner time I had switched in to a child like alter to deal with the rest of the day. It will be interesting to see how we go tomorrow. I am a little concerned, but at the same time know that having DID means I am resourceful and I will get through even if it means switching to someone who can cope with the situation if I can't. I have been quite open about my condition with the Medical staff but they haven't really seemed that interested. We will see how they are tomorrow.
My teddy bear will be with me and my husband (who I have given special instructions on how to calm me down) will be there for as long as he can.
Please send me your good thoughts, hugs and prayers. I may need them.

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  1. Good thoughts, hugs, and prayers to you! You've handled the whole situation fantastically well!! Y sometimes younger alters are better at handling this sort of thing, just let your system work out who'd be best out. Very proud of you and cheering from the sidelines!