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24 May, 2011


this week has been quite a week for me. I met two wonderfully helpful people in a chat room on a website I am a member of. They are both alters (not the core or original person) of two different bodies. Not only did I find it fascinating to talk to them I also got to ask them some questions about how DID works for them. In one of the bodies, the alters wait in a room behind the eyes. They can see what is happening, and there is a door that they can go through to come forward and be in control.
I asked them how I could get to know my alters, They suggested Journaling. So I gave it a try and to my surprise it worked, but not quite how I was expecting. One of my Alters gave me a flashback of some of what had happened to me, and in it I saw my abuser.
This is the first time I knew who it was. The shock was devastating and I lost the rest of the day to tears, vacant stares, shaking and general disbelief. After a good chat to Elaine I felt a lot better but some how life will never be the same. I know who did this to me and he was a close family friend. someone I respected and looked up to and someone who I still bump into occasionally. Elaine says I have a long road ahead of me yet and much more work to do. but for now I know who did this and I know I am on the road to healing.
By the way I also met another one of my Alters on the weekend....her name is Elizabeth and she is 5, her favourite colour is red, and she doesn't like tuna, mayo and corn sandwiches.
Welcome to the system.

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