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12 May, 2017

Gender Identity

There is a lot in the press about Transgender people using the 'correct' toilet/bathroom. We have a daughter who is MTF transgender and she has had little problem using her new genders bathroom. She obviously doesn't get questioned much about her gender. As a male she was questioned more as she has had very long hair for years.
We being multiple, can often have a partial understanding of the gender bathroom debate. While out and about the other day we needed to use public toilets. I hadn't realized who was the main person in front of our system, until we went to enter the male toilet. We have never done that before and it took us back a minute. A young man walked out as we were about to enter and it took us by surprise. It seemed the right place to be, but when we considered that other men may be in there we decided we had better head to the woman's toilet, as that is now we were dressed and appeared. Our male alter was less than happy  about this and went inside.I guess what I'm saying is the whole argument is not just about Transgender toilet use, this is an issue for many people, multiples included. Unisex toilets would make everything easier in many ways. If you don't agree let me know, I'd love to hear about your experiences with multiplicity and gender identity. I feel we can have a very keen understanding of being in the wrong body for our identifying gender.

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