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21 December, 2015

Another Night Trying Not To Sleep.

It's been going on for over a month now.  It's past midnight and we are still wide awake.  Somewhere inside we are tired but I can't feel it.  We busy ourselves, stalling, because we just don't want to sleep.  We spent a week only able to sleep on the couch watching tv. But that takes its toll on our neck and back.  
We figured out how to make or bed feel like a couch by sleeping on it sideways with or back against the headboard.  It's better than the couch but still not perfect. It's the only way to get there.  Lay on the bed normally, panic sets in. We have tried alcohol but it does little to calm us. 
We now manage by taking sleeping tablets and anti anxiety medication every night if we want to sleep.  It is the only way.  I don't remember how to fall asleep without them. I'm getting concerned.  I don't want to become addicted but we have to sleep.  I hope all this will settle down once we get past Christmas. Only 5 more nights of torture to go. We used to love sleep, it was our way to escape, now we try to escape from sleep. 

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