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25 November, 2015

The Amish Life.

I was just watching a show on tv about the Amish people and their lifestyle. I remember as a young person in my 20's wishing i could be Amish. I liked the strict lifestyle. The strict rules on how to live and behave. What to believe. In a way it reminded me of how we were raised, being told what to do. Life in the world meant making decisions for ourselves. Decisions we were not taught to make. I wanted to go back to the life were decisions were made for me, even if the result was a beating for disobedience. At least i knew where the boundaries were and there was some security in that. There was a clear right and wrong and you knew very clearly when you had crossed a line. It has taken many years for us to get used to living in the world where the decisions are ours. It has been a tough lesson to learn.

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