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21 February, 2013

Parting Ways

Being a multiple can be very difficult. Most days choosing breakfast and what to wear in the morning, can be a major operation in conflict resolution. Minor things become major. With this constant battle inside, you can imagine how hard it can be to deal with the"outside" world. Living a life with a family with their own demands and stresses only adds to the chaos. Things have not been easy for me on the home front. Step families are always a big challenge and teenagers add to the"fun". Hubby and I have been struggling in a few areas for a while, and as time goes on its not getting better. We have decided to separate. We feel that while we are good as friends, we just don't work as a married couple. We have been in each others lives for nearly 6 years and we have had many good times. But there are just some issues that we can't seem to resolve, even with professional help. This is going to be a hard time with many changes, and I will need to depend on my friends immensely. I will do my best to keep blogging regularly but if it drops off please understand I will have a lot to do. As a group, (Alters) there is a lot to process through all the layers, and I am not yet sure how we will go. I suspect there will be quite a few tears to come. I will keep you all up to date as best I can.

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