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27 September, 2016

Just Lie Here And Dream

Just lie here and dream.  Dream of a world with heroes and saviors. Where everything works out in the end, and the damsel is rescued. They ride off into the sunset to begin again, and the villan is vanquished.  A world where there is honor and hope,  Goodness and kindness.  Where evil people are easy to see,  and can be fought. Where the wounds seems to disappear and all is right with the world.  Dream today if this world,  in the desperate hope that you will forget the truth, and rest in the lie for another day. 
This is not my world and never has been.  There are no heroes or saviors. The damsel must stand on her own.  The evil is hidden and spread so widely it out measures those who do good.  There is no safe place to rest.  No haven or refuge. No peace, then no hope.  
I hear stories of those who have made it to a place they call home.  But who knows if it's real.  I have no map or directions to lead me.  
But once again for tonight, i dream of a world made in movies,  and my hero who comes to my aid. I escape just for now from the truth.  Just for now i will feel safe.  

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  1. There are heroes and saviors; and yes, the damsel must stand on her own.

    The damsel must become her own hero and savior.