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22 May, 2012

Dont always trust Tara

This post is birthed from a question my son asked me last night. He was asking me if I am experiencing co-consciousness yet. Am I seeing Alters outside my body to talk too?
I was in shock, where did he get that from? He tells me from the TV series 'United States of Tara.'
If you have not seen the show, Tara has DID and is portrayed in a way that can make many multiples quite upset. It is of course quite hard in any movie to try and portray what is happening in someone's head. In United States of Tara, they have chosen to show the times when Tara becomes co-conscious as times when her Alters appears in front of her and talk to her. Previously, she would lose time and another Alter would take over the body. As she becomes co-conscious this changes and she doesn't disappear when they want to talk to her they merely appear in front of her.
I had known what was happening on the show but I had never really thought how it would be taken by someone not familiar with DID.
So just to clear it up. I do not see my alters standing outside my body talking to me. I am largely co-conscious, so I often hear them talking it me in my head and even arguing with me, if need be. I can switch several times in an hour and I don't need to change my clothes every time that happens. In many cases you wouldn't even be able to pick when it is happening. Sometimes a blink is enough for a  switch. 
United States of Tara, and other shows on DID, can be a great starting point for conversation and knowledge, but please do not take them as gospel. They are merely a Hollywood interpretation and adaptation for the screen. If in doubt, as a multiple.

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